Saturday, November 22, 2014

With Thanksgiving Break finally here, staff and students spent their final Friday of November shaking it off. In addition to the students, there were numerous faculty cameos. 
Check out… 
Warren ‘s anatomy worm; Humphrey’s Huntsville hop; Owens’ 2x+3y=?; Javon Jones and Grandma’s shoulder brush; Fraser’s voodoo economics; Gossett and Gilbert-Smith’s chemistry kick; Peterson’s mad scientist shake; Gant and Curney’s engineering wiggle; Katz and Kelly’s underground twist; Loper, well, he affirmed white men can’t dance; Burgess, well, he can actually dance; Gilstrap’s MLK two-step; Guyton and Georges’ paint brush roll; Tinnell’s international slide; and, K’s Milwaukee reverse with a booty bounce. 

Video produced by Michelle Serrano and Onna Biswas

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