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Reyn Graves
Sophomore Looks Forward to the Year Ahead
by Claudia Middleton

Reyn Graves, sophomore and first year journalism student, is an adventurous soul. Her "willing-to-try-anything" mindset is complimented by a very optimistic outlook on failure.

"I love to ride horses," said Graves. "This past summer I was a wrangler in training at Camp Merriwether."

Graves spent time this summer not only riding horses, but falling off of them too.

"It's part of the experience. By the time you're on the ground, all you can say is 'oh well' then you just have to get up again," said Graves.

Reyn's "camp name" was Allegro, an allusion to her love of music. She plays the flute and the cello, and is an active member of Chamblee's marching band, when she's not binge-watching Netflix or figuring out how to play lacrosse. 

"I just love trying new things. If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be adventurous," said Graves.

Caroline Kim

Presenting the Girl of Many Qualities

by Michelle Serrano

When one thinks of an individual who likes the news, one might picture someone dull. However, a new member of the journalism staff this year does not fit into this category.

Multi-faceted sophomore Caroline Kim is not your average news junkie.

Kim is deeply interested in journalism; consequently, she likes to watch the news and would like to possibly pursue a career in journalism in the future.

“My mom would always keep the news on when cooking and eating dinner,” said Kim. “As soon as I could actually understand what the reporters were talking about, I was hooked.”

Besides her interest in journalism, Kim likes to cook and bake. Although she enjoys cooking food, she has trouble deciding which food is her favorite. 

“Everything has a different flavor and trying to choose a favorite food is like trying to decide if German is a better language than French,” said Kim. “It’s completely different, so you can’t choose a better one.”

Despite not being a people person Kim is good with groups of people, if the situation presented itself. 

Kim’s favorite music genre is alternative (with a growing obsession for German pop music). She played the guitar for about 10 years. Although she has love for music, Kim quit playing the guitar thinking that she was not as good as others.

Her father’s Korean heritage encouraged her to learn the language, due to her father not knowing the language fluently.

“My dad practically only spoke Korean at home until he was in the third grade because of issues at school,” said Kim. “Now he can’t really remember a lot of words or phrases. So, it’s impossible for him to teach me.”

Dickinson, Emma
Sophomore Diverges from Status Quo 
by Marc Sheinman
Emma Dickinson, a sophomore in the Blue and Gold newspaper staff, surprises many with hobbies such as bird watching or “My Little Pony”. Dickinson is a new member of the newspaper staff, and many have noted her as unique and ambitious. She is very active in the marching band, and has aspirations to be a professional musician. 

“In ten years, I hope to be at a music conservatory, maybe Indiana,” said Dickinson. 

Her interest in music is quite serious, with influences from her parents competing with influences from her band director, Tonya Mitchell. 

“I’d like the keep ornithology as just a hobby, but my parents want me to do that as a career because music performance isn’t very consistent. They [Indiana] have one of the best music programs in the country, and my band director went there as well,” said Dickinson.

Her passions include “My Little Pony”, Netflix, and awareness of mental diseases. 

“I’ll get heated over the existence of mental diseases,” said Dickinson. “Many people have the idea that mental diseases don’t exist, or they try to hide them, but they’re a real thing.”

Though Dickinson is serious and intense about some issues, she is also known to have some humorous responses to questions.

“Tom Kenny, or really any sexy black man could narrate a movie of my life, but Emma Watson would definitely play the lead role,” said Dickinson.

Erin Woo
The Girl Who Wants to Become a Novelist

by Onna Biswas

For the year 2014-2015 there were new sophomores, juniors, as well as a few seniors that were accepted to journalism. One of them is a sophomore girl named Erin Woo.

Woo was born into a Chinese family on July 14, 1999. She is the eldest daughter of the three: Megan who is 11 and Caeley who is nine.

Woo is a type of girl who can get an attitude when needed, otherwise she is pretty calm and quiet. She is shy at first, but once she gets to know someone very well she is free to them.

Before Woo joined journalism, she was not sure if she would be able to get accepted or if she would be able to handle the amount of work done in the class. But when she read one of the articles in the paper from last year, she was impressed. Therefore, she decided to give it a try.

“When I found out that I was accepted into journalism, I was extremely happy,” said Woo.

Even though Woo is excited about being accepted to journalism, she concluded that she has some fears that she hopes to conquer.

“I have a fear of public speaking,” said Woo, “I don’t like it.”

Not only does she fear of public speaking she also does not like working with hypocrites or working in groups.

“I just hope that I do well in journalism,” said Woo. “I also plan on continuing the class throughout my high school year.”

Noa Benveniste
Soccer Player Tackles Journalism

by William Linde

Noa Benveniste’s forte has always been soccer. She has been playing since she was four and a half and joined the girls Varsity team as a freshman.

Now, as a sophomore, she is expanding her opportunities by joining Journalism.

“I wanted to join Journalism so that I could learn to become a better writer,” said Benveniste.

Benveniste will be a valuable addition to the school newspaper. Her passion for helping people, she wants to work in medicine later in life, will definitely express itself in her work for the school paper.

Outside of school she enjoys rock climbing and has a dog named Shai, who she adopted from the Humane Society.

We were allowed to take him into their little yard, and after sniffing around a little bit, he came and sat down between my brothers legs.  After that we knew he was the dog for us,” said Benveniste.

Her favorite childhood memory was coming down with Swine flu at sleep away camp.

“Nobody believes me when I say that having Swine flu at camp was fun,” she said. “Sure, when I was sick I missed some fun camp activities, but I was sick with a bunch of my friends and we watched movies and ate popsicles all day.”

KT Hoovestol
Atten-hut: Clarinetist Discovers Comradery amongst the Marching Band

by Sierra Reese

Football games tend to draw the largest crowds out of all sporting events. Students attend the games for various reasons such as a love of the sport, to hang out with friends, or general entertainment. Halftime entertainment is provided by the marching band. These performances usually incite excitement and school spirt amongst the crowd.
Katherine Hoovestol, a sophomore, joined marching band her freshman year and has loved it ever since. She not only enjoys the performance aspect of marching band, but also likes being on a team.

“I like marching band because of the relationships you build,” said Hoovestol.

During the summer, matching band members attend a band camp at Rock Eagle. While there, members learn the fundamentals of marching and engage in various activities that allow them to learn more about each other.
“[At band camp], you build relationships with other students which is useful when entering high school,” said Hoovestol.

Since she plays a variety of team sports, Hoovestool understands the importance of each member of a team. However, she believes that each individual member is crucial to the marching band and cannot be easily repaced.

“When I play soccer, I know that someone else can play my position just as well or even better than me,” said Hoovestol. “In band, no one marches the same way. Everyone tries to do their best to perform their own unique role.”

Hoovestol has gained confidence from participating in the marching band. She is able to hold conversations with strangers and befriend them.

“Marching band made me realize just how important it is to be dedicated to something. That really transfers over to other aspects of my life,” said Hoovestol.

Hannah Rosen
Junior Displays Love for Salsa and Tennis
by Aurora Blumberg

Hannah Rosen, at about five feet even, may seem shy at first but has been called a “silent assassin” by Chamblee’s tennis coach, Christopher Smith. She has been a member of the varsity tennis team since her freshman year and she is a cross-country runner.

More recently, Rosen is coping with the loss of former cross-country coach and literature teacher Brett Belcher.

“The only reason I am staying is because I’ve done cross country for half of my high school career and I figured I should finish the other two years,” said Rosen.

While she is adjusting to cross country becoming a much more intensive sport, she leaves time for fun. When she is not hanging out with her friends on the weekends, Rosen is spending her time making salsa.

“The salsa idea came from when we would go stay at our lake house, because my mom and I would pick tons of tomatoes and would have nothing to do with them,” said Rosen.

When searching for a stress reliever from sports and the academic workload of junior year, Rosen turns to Netflix, specifically Grey’s Anatomy.

“I am such a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, that it sparked my interest in taking human anatomy this year. I have seen every episode, and they used all these technical terms, so the class is helping understand the lingo on the show better,” said Rosen.

Obi Alegbeleye
Conflict in the World Sparks Interest in Journalism

by Miriam Chisholm

High school students typically spend their time outside of school watching television or using various social networks. This does not hold true for Obi Alegebeleye.

News enthusiast, Obi enjoys spending time using news outlets such as CNN to inform himself of conflict inside the United States as well as in regions such as Africa and the Middle East.
His interest for news truly began, when he learned more about the tragic events that occurred on September 11th.

News is only one of his many interests. He enjoys math, history, literature, and science. Obi is especially interested in climate change and important politicians such as Barrack Obama.

“Obama has made a difference in this world,” said Alegebeleye. “His involvement in the war in the Middle East has also fueled my interest in politics and news.”

Despite his interest in news and academics, he would like to become a pastor. Although Obi would like to become a pastor of a Baptist church, he still looks up to President Barrack Obama as a role model.

William Linde

Manna  Zelealem

Uniqueness Strikes Again
by Noa Benveniste
A personality is made up of quirks and talents. 
William Linde, a junior, is anything but mainstream.  His hobbies, ambitions, skills, and goals, together create an interesting combination.
Although he loves a nice teal, Linde’s real favorite color is purple.  He has been a night owl since birth, probably due to the fact that he was born just minutes before midnight.  In spite of living in Atlanta his whole life, Linde’s prefers colder weather, and hopes to someday live in Finland or even Iceland.
When he’s got some extra time on his hands, you can find Linde in the kitchen cooking.  His favorite dish to make is mouthwatering pasta with pesto and goat cheese.  Linde also enjoys eating pistachio ice cream and watching his favorite cartoon, Tom and Jerry
“I actually like Tom better than Jerry because, nobody likes Tom, even though he is just doing his job”, said Linde.

Junior Embarks on Journalism Path

by Aurora Blumberg

Manna Zelealem, 16, a junior at Chamblee Charter High School made the exciting decision of joining journalism for the 2014-2015 school year.

Zelealem, a former Belieber, who once passed Justin Bieber in a hallway, has changed her tune.

“I used to love him and thought one day I would marry him,” said Zelealem. “I realized there was more to life than Justin Bieber.”

 While this is a good life decision, Zelealem still claims that Justin Bieber and model Ashley Moore and herself would make up her ultimate selfie.

When she is not crushing on celebrities, she develops small crushes on teachers. Former Chamblee teacher Engsberg takes the win.

“At the beginning of the year, I slick had a crush on him,” said Zelealem.

Junior year can be very stressful for high school students, but Zelealem stays alert by sipping her latest addiction, mocha coffees from Starbucks.

“ They are my latest addiction along with chocolate chip cookies from Quick Trip,” said Zelealem.

Zelealem has an outgoing personality, which she hopes to utilize when interviewing people.

“I am really looking forward to journalism, and hope I learn a lot,” said Zelealem.

Alex Bragan, Editorials Editor
Senior Finds His Happiness over Summer Break

by Megan Carey

When most people go on summer vacation, they look forward to parties, summer shopping, trips to the beach, swimming, or all the time they will get to spend with friends. However, for senior Alex Bragan, summer means a lot more.

Bragan began his first few weeks of summer as most high schoolers would.

“I tried to cram in as much fun and partying as possible,” said Bragan.

This summer was different. This summer, Bragan would be attending four weeks of Governor’s Honors Program [GHP] at Valdosta State University. There, he studied communicative arts, like poetry, writing, and film.

“Basically, GHP was an incredible experience where all sorts of intelligent people came together and existed for four weeks at Valdosta State,” said Bragan. “It was enriching, fulfilling, and eye opening.”

For Bragan, he had been sort of dreading the experience as essentially a second school year, only in miniature form. However, he found himself pushing himself to work harder and attributes his success to the people.

“I made lifelong friends,” said Bragan. “I learned how to be happy.”

In the future, Bragan hopes to take what he learned at Valdosta State to “improve my writing and ability as a storyteller.”

After his return from GHP, Bragan really tried to keep up the “go get ‘er” attitude GHP instilled in him. For the conclusion of his summer, he went on a couple of what he called “urban adventures.” This entails going to explore downtown Atlanta through photography.

Aurora Blumberg, News Editor
The Political Dawn of Aurora Blumberg
by Manna Zelealem

If Chamblee Charter High School senior Aurora Blumberg could take a selfie with anyone in the world, it would be with Grumpy Cat and Teddy Roosevelt.

“I love cats,” said Blumberg. “And Teddy Roosevelt is one of the top five hottest presidents.”

Blumberg has an attraction to politicians, specifically Jason Carter, the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter and the Democratic candidate for the Georgia gubernatorial election.

Blumberg isn’t only attracted to politicians. She has a history with politics herself.

“In the sixth grade, I got in trouble for putting Obama stickers on the front of my locker,” said Blumberg.

Most sixth graders don’t have political views past that of their parents, but Blumberg developed a few of her own.

“I saw [Obama] bringing a lot of change, which I thought the country needed right after Bush,” said Blumberg. “Recently, I’ve been disappointed with the job he’s doing. I think he needs to make stronger decisions and be more precise.”

Blumberg currently holds office as president of the Interact Club, a community service organization. However, one day she’d like to go into politics for herself.

“I definitely know I want a career in politics,” said Blumberg. “I’ve just always had an interest in it.”

Claudia Middleton 

Senior Finds Joy in Volunteer Work

by Reyn Graves

High school is a great time to try new clubs, sports, and classes, and senior Claudia Middleton is doing just that. In her four years at Chamblee High School, she has joined everything from Interact to debate to Student Government Association and journalism.

“I’ve dabbled in most everything,” said Middleton. “I want to experience all that I can in the time that I have.”

Although she loves to try new activities, Interact has stood out from all the others.

“It has exposed me to so many awesome volunteering opportunities and people,” said Middleton. “It has been my favorite by far.”

Interact is a service club sponsored by the Chamblee Rotary Club. The members of this club do various projects around the Chamblee area, including Habitat for Humanity projects and Trees for Atlanta, and they assist at many homeless shelters and food banks. They also help with some Chamblee High School activities such as the Cox Trot.

“I love volunteering,” said Middleton. “I like making people happy. Bringing joy to another person genuinely brings me happiness. I also like giving back to the community because I know how lucky am in my circumstances as a person, and volunteering helps me remember that I can’t take that for granted.”

Michelle Serrano
 Senior Embodies Immigrant Hope

by Caroline Kim

Around the United States, the issue of immigration consistently stands among the most debated. Many reports discuss the effect that immigrants have on the economy, especially those from Mexico.

However, many do not include the reason that those immigrants have come to the United States. Almost all immigrants come to the U.S. for better lives or better futures for their children, looking for wealth and stability in America.

Michelle Serrano is one of those children, and she is making the most of her opportunities.

Serrano previously lived in Texas City, Texas before moving to Georgia to be closer to her mothers family and to make room for her growing family.

Those were some of the best years of my life, Id say, said Serrano. Small spaces really bring the family together.

Her parents biggest wish was for her and her siblings to prosper from Americas education system. Clearly, Serrano has grasped that opportunity, being in her last year of high school and second year of journalism. Shes also embraced American culture, loving french fries and spaghetti, rock music, and stories about serial killers.

Even so, she thanks her parents for raising her so well, saying, Although there are many obstacles with having immigrant parents, love and support are not among them."

Onna Biswas

Chamblee Senior Writes, Dances, and Dreams

by Erin Woo

Most self-described shy students tend to be quiet.  However, this is not the case with senior Onna Biswas.

Biswas is entering her second year of journalism, which she said has helped her become a better writer and public speaker.   

“My favorite section to write for is the features because I like getting to learn about people,” said Biswas.

She is also effusive about how her Bangladeshi heritage has shaped her hobbies.  Biswas has been a Bollywood dancer since she was three, and she performs bharatnatyam, a type of Indian classical dance, as well. 

While Biswas readily admits to her frequent procrastination, extreme perfectionism, and occasional low self-esteem, she is the most passionate about her dreams.

Biswas said, “I would love to become wealthy enough to travel around the world.”

But her ambitions are not limited to helping herself.

“I want to help poor children get the education they deserve,” she said.  “I want to help those who don’t have a home.”


Miriam Chisholm, Sports Editor
Soccer Stud  Enjoys the Challenge of Juggling Athletics and Academics 

by Hannah Rosen

When most Chamblee students think of a student athlete, they think of someone strictly geared towards his or her sport. Miriam Chisholm is an exception to this stereotype.

Varsity soccer player Miriam Chisholm is not only a devoted player, but also a dedicated student.

“I see soccer as one of the biggest parts of my life, but regardless of my participation in soccer, school will always come first,” said Chisholm.

Between managing soccer and four advanced placement classes, she does not have time for many other activities. This year one of her priorities is to get involved with more clubs that will help her with her future. These opportunities will help her to be more inapt when she goes into the field of medicine.

“I want to be a pediatric oncologist, so being in anatomy will help me,” said Chisholm.   

Marc Sheinman

Sheinman Scores his Passion
by Emma Dickinson

Music usually occupies a small part in every high school student's mind, but for Marc Sheinman, music holds a special place in his life.

The usual monotony of school work  is made up by music.  His primary hobby is listening to music and composing music for personal enjoyment. Sheinman's music tastes are also very versatile.

"I grew up in a household that always played classic rock and roll,” said Sheinman. “My brother got into blues, and I later got into hip-hop, jazz and R&B. I have been introduced to all different genres."

Sheinman finds music enjoyable and alluring, not only to listen to, but because of its universality and vastness.

He  has also found journalism compelling, and not just for the glamour of writing. His mother is a huge influence.

"My mom used to be a journalist, but she quit when she had me, and her job always intrigued me," said Sheinman.

Sheinman has participated in many interesting activities throughout high school and he plans on continuing his new experiences after he graduates.

"My aspiration is to keep all options open to interesting lines of work," said Sheinman.

Elmo Mobley
High School Senior Shoots for the Stars
by Hannah Wilborn

When asked, many high school students will tell you that they do not know what they want to do after college. Then again, same may have big plans for their future, like senior Imani (Elmo) Mobley, who has always known what she wants to do with her life.

“After I finish college, I want to be come and editorial assistant. I hate finding mistakes in books and when I graduate [college], I want to be the person to fix them,” said Mobley.

Mobley is quite enthusiastic when it comes to reading. “My favorite genre is really anything that keeps the reader thinking,” said Mobley.

While reading is one of her favorite hobbies, Mobley also enjoys the Japanese stylistic art of Manga. Along with Manga, she also appreciates Anime as well as the many wonders of Tumblr.

Her drive in these many subjects is also evident through her love of the French language.

“I have three years of French under my belt. I just love the language and I’m not even sure why,” said Mobley. “Someday, I’m going to visit France. I really just want to immerse myself in the language and the culture.”

Sierra Reese, Features Editor
Senior Leading Social Justice Crusade
by Katherine Hoovestol

Senior Sierra Reese does not watch cartoons; instead she prefers to watch horror movies.

“You don’t really have to watch them to know what’s going on,” said Reese 

When it comes to the subject of social justice, however, Reese definitely wants to know what’s going on. 

A self-proclaimed feminist, Reese strongly believes in not only equality, but justice for everyone, no matter what race or gender. Reese blogs about this in her free time, and has cultivated a massive following on the popular social media site Tumblr. Even though she is also interested in the social status of people of color and women of any race, Reese has a particular interest in one group. 

“Women of color have the lowest status in society as of now,” said Reese. “People our age and even younger need to be educated about social inequalities and injustices. Only then, can we work toward changing the conditions within our society.” 

Hannah Wilborn

Megan Carey, Photography Editor
Carey “Carries Out” Musical Roadtrip

by Alex Bragan

Senior Megan Carey is no stranger to adventure.

The Blue and Gold’s Photo Editor spends every summer as a counselor at a girl's camp that features activities such as horseback 
riding and rock climbing. 

"I love exploring and finding out new things," said Carey. "That's what adventure is about."

And this year, as her classmates spend their weekends partying to commemorate lost childhood, Carey has something a little more epic planned.

“I’m going on a musical adventure,” she said. “Basically, my friend and I pack our instruments and go where the road take us.”

But the “road” can take you anywhere from Albuquerque to Zephyr Hills. Carey and her best friend have an itinerary of sorts.

“We’re definitely planning on visiting cities like Memphis and Nashville,” she said. “Even places in Atlanta are great for musicians to explore and play at.”