Saturday, April 19, 2014

Prom Prices Vary by Year

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by Michelle Serrano

It is that time of the year again when students are debating whether or not to attend prom.  Some students focus on whether they have a date for prom while most worry about how much the night will cost.

The cost of going to prom depends on many variables such as having a date; however, many people believe that going to prom junior year is less expensive than senior year.

After getting a dress or tuxedo and accessories, plus a mode of transportation, tickets actually end up being the least expensive item purchased for prom. 

“You want everything to be perfect. Junior year is just getting a pretty dress, but senior year you have to have the perfect dress to go with the idea of the perfect night,” said senior Lethycia Macedo. “Maybe it's not every girl, but personally I'm willing to pay that much if I'm going to look awesome and have no regrets when I look back on it.”

Macedo spent about $400 on everything junior year but this year she will be spending $575 just on her dress.

With the new norms of girls paying for their own expenses despite having a date, it has become much cheaper for boys to attend prom. 

“It was more expensive last year; this year it's cheaper because I'm not buying my date’s ticket,” said senior Justin Clay.

However, there are some students who choose to go to prom the old fashioned way (where the male pays for most things).

“Prom is basically the same cost either year. Some things may change like the price of your dress or how much you're willing to spend on hair and makeup, but typically the guy buys the ticket and dinner, so there's not much of a change there,” said senior Ally Jones. “If I had to choose, I would say senior year prom is more expensive because you're more likely to go all out since it's your last year.”

Other students feel that the first time you attend prom—being it your junior or senior year—is more expensive because of all the hype.

“I think prom is the most expensive whichever year is your first year going. It's pretty exciting after all,” said senior Hannah Kim. “But, going a second time, I don't think the need to have an all out amazing experience is as big. At least that's how it is for me.”

Most students believe that senior prom is more expensive since it is their last time to shine at a high school dance; even though some factors may change.

“Prom junior year is exciting because you finally start to feel the perks of being an upperclassmen, but senior prom is like the last big hoorah before graduation which makes it have a different kind of significance,” said Jones. 

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