Sunday, January 19, 2014

Reflecting on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

While you enjoy a small break from the busyness and stress that often accompanies school, the Blue & Gold would like you to take a short moment and join us in celebrating the significance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

From a 1964 issue of the Blue & Gold
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The article titled "United Americans" in the image at left is not only a profound statement about the importance of equality, but it also carries a profound meaning for Chamblee. This piece was published in a spring 1964 issue of the Chamblee Blue & Gold student newspaper and was written by student Diane Lentz (who is listed as having been the literary editor of the paper at the time).

There are many traits that make Chamblee unique, but among the most defining are the school's history and diversity, both of which should be remembered and cherished.

As you take time to reflect today, please consider not only the champions of freedom who have come before you, but also the ways in which your words today--even as a high school student--can generate positive change and can endure in the future.

-The Blue & Gold 

Interested in seeing more of the 1964 issue of the Blue & Gold? 
Click on the Issuu document below. 

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