Saturday, December 21, 2013

Farewell to the Bush

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On the twentieth day of December in the year two thousand and thirteen, the Bush (aka Karassikstan) ceased to exist.

From August 2011 to yesterday, the Bush was a place of peace, love and freedom.

The policies, mood, and values of the Bush were established and maintained by Governor Brian Ely, who until this year when he was made a political prisoner, had not taught inside a building in almost a decade.

With Ely gone, the altruistic Premier Karassik, with the Governor’s blessing, became the leader of the Bush. Because the Governor only cares about the people and not who gets credit for accomplishments, the Governor insisted that the Bush be referred to as Karassikstan.

And so it has been for the past 90 days.

Under the Premier’s supervision,  the values did not change.  Historians will look back at the Karassik-interim tenure and say he was best at social services and social media. As a result, there were care packages, hot and cool air when needed, a water supply line, toilet paper, and paper towels. Also, there were encouraging and motivational postings on Twitter.

Henry David Thoreau is somewhere looking down  on the citizens of the Bush and proud of how they lived off the land; how they were not materialistic; how they were self-reliant; and, perhaps most importantly, how the citizens of the Bush did not value what “they” valued.

The Bush may be gone in a physical sense, but citizens of the Bush do not change your values or mindset.

For those who were unable to attend the sendoff ceremony, enjoy the slideshow


Happy Holidays and a New Year

The Blue and Gold Staff

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