Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aerial Photos of Chamblee Construction

Students have watched the construction of the new Chamblee High School building from the Instructional Village and the bus lane, but what does it look like from a bird's eye view? Click on the "Construction" tab above to find out!

Students pass them every day in the halls. Now it is time to hear their stories. Click here to read about Chamblee's military veterans.

Application deadlines are drawing near and seniors are using the lingo of admissions officers, but what does it all mean? Click here to find out what the difference is between "Early Admission"and "Regular Decision."

Students have just returned from one of the school year's few week-long breaks. But many do not know that such breaks are going to be a part of the norm next year with the school district's new balanced calendar. Click here to see what changes are headed to the county.

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