Monday, September 24, 2012

Knowing Your Right From Your Left

Test your political knowledge!
Here is a taste of what's to come in the Blue and Gold online edition over the next few days!
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Test Yourself: (highlight the area next to the lower bullet point to reveal the answer)
  • Who is the current Vice President? 
    • Joe Biden
  • Where was President Obama once a senator from?  
    • Illinois
  • How many senators are in the US government? 
    • 100
  • What did Roe v. Wade do for women? 
    • The right to an abortion
  • In what Middle Eastern country was a US ambassador recently killed? 
    • Libya
  • What are the two biggest swing states for the 2012 election?
    • Ohio and Florida
  • Who is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve?
    • Ben Bernanke
  • What country has the world's highest GDP?
    • The USA
  • Under Obama,  4 million jobs were created in the public sector. True or False? 
    • False, the jobs were in the private sector
  • Which Democrat ran against George Bush in 2000? 
    • Al Gore

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